Hong Kong Lacrosse player Li Moung King Daphne has represented Hong Kong in numerous international lacrosse tournaments

and was once awarded the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award in the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open in 2018.

Daphne studied in the UK during secondary school where she found her love for lacrosse. After her studies in 2016, she returned

to Hong Kong and has been extremely dedicated to training for the sport ever since.

Apart from playing lacrosse, Daphne has also been involved in the promotion of local and international sporting events.She also

enjoys swimming and taking part in outdoor activities, so having a pair of well fitted and functioning sunglasses is very important

to her.

The biggest reason for choosing ONESEC eyewear is that it can be worn both indoors and outdoors without her having to worry

about taking them off and putting them on all the time. She can keep them on for the whole day without having to worry about

the bright or dim light.

Daphne wears the Aviator – Wood Grain style, a classic look that does not go out of fashion.

香港棍網運動員Li Moung King Daphne曾代表香港參加許多國際棍網比賽,並曾在2018年獲得香港棍網公開賽中獲得 「最有價值

球員 」獎。Daphne在中學時期曾在英國求學,在那裡她發現了自己對長曲棍球的熱愛。2016年學業結束後,她回到了香港 ,並從



除了打長曲棍球外,Daphne還參與了 推廣本地和國際體育賽事。她也很喜歡游泳和參加戶外活動,因此,對他來說,有一副合適的